Inspire Creativity at Work With All 5 of Your Senses

You’ve probably heard of the debate about whether open offices or the oh-so-dreaded traditional cubicles are better in the workplace. All these discussions revolve around layout and arrangement, but did you know that ambiance is equally (if not more) important for inspiring workplace creativity?

How to (Nicely) Disagree at Work

Plenty of people avoid conflict at work because they don’t want to rock the boat or they want to be seen as nice and easygoing. But truthfully, disagreement is key to new, better ideas being born—and by bringing unique thoughts or concerns to the table, you prove that you’re adding valuable input to the team.

3 Reasons Even the Busiest People in the World Should Take a Break

For many people, taking time off is a no-brainer. Company holidays? Paid vacation days? Turning off email? Please and thank you. But for entrepreneurs and those working at small startups, there can be pressure to work constantly. Every vacation day is a day that work won’t get done—and there are always things that urgently need […]