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Windows Azure Mobile Services – Introduction

Overview In this blog series we will add structured storage, push notifications and integrated authentication to our Windows Store applications through Windows Azure Mobile Services. Objectives Create a Windows Azure Mobile Service and use the SDK Learn how to Insert, Update, Read and Delete rows from a Mobile Service Add Push Notifications to windows store […]

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Windows Azure Mobile Services – Create Mobile Service

This post is part of the series “Windows Azure Mobile Services”; make sure to read the introduction. This post shows how to add a cloud-based backend service to a Windows 8 app using Windows Azure Mobile Services. We will create both a new mobile service and a simple “To do list” app that stores app […]

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Windows 8 Blog App UX design guidelines

General Info Designing brilliance start with a plan. Start by choosing a meaningful name to your App. The name will appear on the Store and in Windows OS. Supply a detailed description about your App. Highlight the best of what you are offering and attract the world to download it. Choose App language Choose App […]