Twitter Testing Ways to Add Commentary to Retweets

Twitter is always testing something with users; this week, they have a couple visual experiments underway. Another new feature, which Mashable first noticed in a tweet sent by Twitter’s head of communications, Carolyn Penner, allows users more space to comment when they are retweeting another user. “Retweet with Comment” surfaces the retweeted message as an […]

Adios, Over-Tweeters: Twitter Finally Adds a Mute Button

Twitter has announced the addition of a mute feature for users of its website and the company’s app on iOS and Android. The first hints that such a change might be on the way came earlier in May when a report revealed that some users had begun seeing the feature popping up on their mobile […]

Like It or Not, You’ll Have Twitter’s New Profile by May 28

Ready or not, Twitter’s new profiles are coming. Announced early last month, the profile update will soon be required for everyone on the service. Beginning May 28, all Twitter users will have the new profile, which has already been rolled out to new users and some existing users in the past month.