Surprisingly Weird Productivity Tricks That Get Results

Productivity tips have been around forever. And if you’re always on the hunt for ways to be more efficient, you probably feel like you’ve read just about everything out there on making better to-do lists and reducing distractions from email notifications.

3 Reasons Even the Busiest People in the World Should Take a Break

For many people, taking time off is a no-brainer. Company holidays? Paid vacation days? Turning off email? Please and thank you. But for entrepreneurs and those working at small startups, there can be pressure to work constantly. Every vacation day is a day that work won’t get done—and there are always things that urgently need […]

How to Know When You’ve Outgrown Your Home Office

There are numerous reasons to run a business out of your home, with cost savings and an easy commute being the top two. However, there may come a time when the business outgrows the home. Common signs are when boxes of inventory overtake the dining room or you need to invite employees or customers to […]

7 Design Tips for a More Productive Office

The right workspace can greatly increase employee peace of mind and productivity. But before you panic and install a Google-style indoor go-cart track in your accounting firm’s headquarters, relax. All you really need to do to boost your employees productivity is make a few small design tweaks.