LG develops smartphone display with super-thin bezel

Does your phone lack screen real estate? That might seem like a strange question, given that smartphones seem to grow in size with each generation. But if you don’t have the palms to hold a phablet, LG has developed an LCD panel for smartphones that obliterates the frame — called the bezel — that surrounds […]

Samsung Says It’s Developing Wi-Fi That’s Five Times Faster

Samsung said it is developing Wi-Fi that is five times faster than the maximum possible speed of what’s available today. Samsung is building 60GHz Wi-Fi technology, which would speed up data transmissions to 4.6 gigabits per second — the equivalent of 575MB per second. That would be a five-fold improvement from today’s maximum of 866 […]

Nokia’s Lumia Phones Get Camera Superpowers

Lots of phones have “advanced” cameras these days, complete with burst modes, panorama abilities and tons of filters. However, more often than not, when you pull out your phone to take a pic, you’re looking to get just one good photo — and fast.

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4 Phone-Etiquette Myths That Will Ruin Your Social Life

If you think it’s acceptable to take a phone call at the table in the middle of dinner, or that it’s perfectly reasonable to talk at full volume with your Bluetooth in, then you may be a part of the problem. Comic artist Maria Scrivan illustrates four common phone-etiquette myths that we’re all guilty of […]