12 Steps to Become a Hacker

12 Steps To Become A Hacker!

Here we bring to you 12 steps to become a hacker, together with all the books, tutorials and resources that you need to learn in the process. So pack your bags and get set for the journey! Hacking is a fascinating field but it definitely isn’t easy. Here we have listed 12 of the most […]

Google Palestine Hacked

Google Palestine Hacked!

Google has local domains for almost every country in the world. Just now some hackers from Palestine hacked into Google’s Palestine domain (google.ps) and defaced it. The message appearing on the defaced page says, “uncle google we say hi from Palestine to remember you that the country in google map not called Israel. Its called […]

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Find Last Modified Files Using SSH

Having a problem finding the last modified files in your Linux system? Here are the list of ssh command you need to know: find . -mtime -3 The below code will find files that have been modified less than 3 days ago: find . -ctime -3 To be more specific and just check for the […]