Like It or Not, You’ll Have Twitter’s New Profile by May 28

Ready or not, Twitter’s new profiles are coming. Announced early last month, the profile update will soon be required for everyone on the service. Beginning May 28, all Twitter users will have the new profile, which has already been rolled out to new users and some existing users in the past month.

Why Website Design Needs to Go Beyond Color

In general – but particularly in the design world – color is a powerful tool. It conveys moods and emotions, adds presence to designs, and builds brand identities. All too often, however, users who suffer from any color deficiencies struggle to navigate their way through our color-drenched world. For their sake, I often advise designers […]

Twitter Users Have a Lot to Say About the Redesign (Shocker.)

Your Twitter profile page is about to look a lot like Facebook, and chances are, you have a pretty strong opinion about it. Nearly two months after the company quietly tested a new layout among a small group of users, news first reported by Mashable, Twitter is officially rolling out a new design starting on […]

Inspire Creativity at Work With All 5 of Your Senses

You’ve probably heard of the debate about whether open offices or the oh-so-dreaded traditional cubicles are better in the workplace. All these discussions revolve around layout and arrangement, but did you know that ambiance is equally (if not more) important for inspiring workplace creativity?