iOS 8 and Mac OS X Yosemite: All the Features You May Not Know

While Tim Cook’s WWDC keynote on Monday failed to deliver any of the hardware some WWDC attendees had hoped for, it packed the event with a wealth of major software announcements. In fact, CEO Tim Cook and senior vice president of software engineering Craig Federighi had so much software news to present that some of […]

Can Apple Incorporate Its New Brand Without Missing a Beat?

Apple’s a very secretive company, but it’s a good guess that there’s no playbook in its Cupertino headquarters for incorporating an existing consumer brand into its portfolio. That’s because Apple has never done anything remotely close in its 38-year history. The company has made more than 50 major acquisitions, but they’ve all been technology companies […]

Samsung Trial Jury to Apple: Go After Google

The jury for the latest Apple vs Samsung trial may have reached a verdict Friday. But the trial wasn’t officially over until Monday afternoon, when the jury briefly reconvened to correct an error made in the paperwork — and deliver a final message to Apple. The error stemmed from the fact that the jury failed […]