How to Remove duplicate rows from MySQL table using phpMyAdmin

You Have a MySQL Table with Duplicate and repeated entries?

If You Want to remove duplicate entries from MySQL using phpMyAdmin do the following:1- Login to phpMyAdmin

2- select the Database that has the table with the duplicates

3- Click SQL tab in phpMyadmin

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 11.28.57 AM

4- In the SQL Text Box write the following as shown in the screenshot below:

ALTER IGNORE TABLE my_table ADD UNIQUE INDEX (my_table_raw);


5- Click on Go

  • Arnold Babasa

    Worked like a charm

  • It does not working for me. it error #1146 – table’table.my_table’ doesn’t exist. Anybody have any idea to remove duplicate rows?

    • Samer Semaan

      you should replace “my_table” by the table name you want to cleanup and “my_table_raw” by your the raw that have the duplicates