3 things to know about marketing to Generation Z

Generation X became Generation Y. Millennials are growing up. And now marketers are shifting focus to “Gen Z” — the next major consumer group, comprised of teenagers who are younger than 19 today. This generation has grown up with full access to the Internet and technology. They’re digital natives, and it’s even tougher for brands […]

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12 ways to get ahead in the App Store

Congratulations! Your app has gone through development, design, QA, and App Store approval – it’s live! Now what do you do? Don’t expect to suddenly see millions of downloads raking in. That, unfortunately, very rarely happens unless you promote your app. Here’s a check list to help you get the word out to potential users […]

3 Social Media Trends You Should Know About

It’s the beginning of a new year, and chances are you’re resolving to do several (hundred?) things for the first time, differently, or better. But before you start listing out your new and improved social media plans for 2014, I’ve scoured the Internet to give you a head start.

10 surprising new Twitter stats to help you reach more followers

Since social media is changing so often, it can be hard to keep up with stats and trends that affect how you use it. I quite often forget the facts that I’ve read, or I use Twitter based on stats that are outdated now. In fact, when I recently looked at some of the latest […]