Mind-Mapping Will Take Your Brainstorms to the Next Level

Brainstorming can be a difficult process, especially at a company with offices in multiple locations. Email is only efficient to a point, and writing everything down can lead to a cluttered mess. It’s possible to create digital flow charts and graphs to better organize the facets of your idea, but creating and customizing them can […]

4 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Amplify Content On LinkedIn

LinkedIn launched in 2003 as the social network of choice for professionals, and as a landmark of sorts for those who wanted an online space for their resume. Since then, the platform has grown to more than 225 million users a cross the world, who use LinkedIn not only as a place to showcase career […]

Alternatives to Business Cards

From the comic www.entrepreneurfail.com I’m now here to overturn the conventional sport of printing and passing around business cards when you are just starting out. Now introducing the MVP of a business card: No business card! Everyone has a smart phone. If you meet someone interesting, do the green thing and take a photo his […]