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Smart’s ad on the spine of a magazine: Adobe: Click, Baby, Click! Citroën C3’s dog romance: Famous fat logos: and communist logos: The perfect designer workstation (humor): Malevich Teapot 2.0

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Windows 8 Blog App UX design guidelines

General Info Designing brilliance start with a plan. Start by choosing a meaningful name to your App. The name will appear on the Store and in Windows OS. Supply a detailed description about your App. Highlight the best of what you are offering and attract the world to download it. Choose App language Choose App […]

Gamification And UX: Where Users Win Or Lose

The gaming industry is huge, and it can keep its audience consumed for hours, days and even weeks. Some play the same game over and over again — and occasionally, they even get out their 15-year-old Nintendo 64 to play some Zelda. Now, I am not a game designer. I actually don’t even play games […]

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iPhone 4 GUI PSD (Retina Display)

This Photoshop template makes it easy to mockup retina display resolution iPhone app designs.For anyone designing for the retina display (640×960) it really is quite a different experience. When you work at 100% everything seems